About Dutch Dog Design

Who we are

Dutch Dog Design is a small Dutch-American company that loves innovation in outdoors, cycling and pet industry. The products focus around the brand labels, DoggyRide, DoggySnooze, DutchDog Amsterdam, Buddy, Britch and Urban. It started in 2003 after the owner decided to design a dog bicycle trailer. When a retro-fitted child bicycle trailer was used on daily rides from home to the Marymoor Dog Park and so many commented surprisingly and positively on the idea he decided to design a bicycle trailer made for dogs and introduce it in his home country the Netherlands. It became an instant hit and the birth of the DoggyRide brand, which has grown over the years to a household name and is nowadays sold in 19 countries.

Our innovations

2003: pioneered the dog bicycle trailer

2004: first one with a dog stroller for a larger dog

2006: Mini dog bicycle trailer

2007: introduced the Novel and the start of DoggyRide sales in the United States

2009: retrofitted the Original and Novel to lower center of gravity and center connection

2010: introduced the DoggySnooze elevated dog bed line

2012: introduced the Buddy hands free leash connector

2013: introduced the Cocoon pet bicycle basket/carrier

2018: introducing the Britch and Urban product lines

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