When was the company founded?

The company was founded in 2003 when we are ready to market our first designed product, the DoggyRide Original.

Which product lines does Dutch Dog Design manufacture?

Dutch Dog Design actively manufactures the DoggyRide and Britch lines and outsources the design of the Amsterdam line. The DoggySnooze product line production is (temporarily) suspended and the Buddy has been discontinued.

Where are Dutch Dog Design offices and who should I contact?

Dutch Dog Design operates from two offices, one in the Netherlands for Europe and one in the United States (Seattle, WA) to serve North America. If you are outside of these geographical areas please contact our US office.

What is the warranty on your products and we buy parts?

The product warranty varies from 1 year to a limited lifetime warranty. Parts that wear, like tires and tubes are not subject to warranty, but all other parts are. Our more detailed warranty statement can be found here.

Are Dutch Dog Design products sustainable?

Dutch Dog Design actively promotes their 100% non-toxic policy, which means that all parts are made with material that is tested and certified as non-toxic or with limited and acceptable levels. So, the paint, fabric, polyester, rubber does not contain toxic materials like lead, sulfur or PCBs. Also the packaging material used is recyclable.


What is the difference between the Original and the Novel?

While the Novel and Original are build on the same cabin, the Novel is a higher end model. Novel is made of alu alloy, which makes it about 8 lbs lighter. The wheel connection of the Novel is push release, which makes it easier to put and take off the wheels.

Novel has a lot of extra features in the cabin, such as head rest cushion, air flow and see through on the rear, pouch and water bottle holder, reflection stripes all around the trailer.

What is the difference between the stroller and the jogger-stroller?

The difference between stroller and jogger-stroller is the wheel function and size. The jogger-stroller wheel is for off road use and both jogging and strolling. The stroller is more for paved roads and strolling only.

Why is the Cocoon not connected to the handlebar?

We no longer support a handlebar attached pet bicycle basket as we believe pets should not be biked around on a shifting handlebar. Imagine a living animal being on a constantly shifting handlebar - it easily creates nauseau. We hear all the time from pet owner that their pet diidn’t like to be in a bicycle basket till they got the Cocoon on the Britch. The Cocoon is a platform supported bike basket that is stable and not connected to the handlebar.

I bought the Klickfix for the basket and there is no way to attach?

Our Cocoon pet carrier is not designed for the Klickfix. If you want to use it on a bicycle purchase the Britch.

Why does DoggyRide not have a sidecar?

Dutch Dog Design focuses itself on loading anything front or rear of the bicycle for the simple reason that it keeps the ‘cycling dynamics’ in place. Our products are designed to enjoy riding (together) and a sidecar might look appealing it does not work well with a bicycle. A bicycle is designed to ride on two wheels with load in the center. Once you add on one side it completely changes the dynamics of cycling and after a few times you’ll stop using it. A sidecar is not suitable for a bicycle.


Why is the production for the DoggySnooze suspended?

Our DoggySnooze was packaged to order, which allowed the consumer to specify all different colors and customize the dog bed. The line to package the order took significant warehouse space and since we moved from Snoqualmie to Seattle we did not sufficient space to continue this line.

When will it be back?

We don’t know yet while we are working to get into a larger location.


How can a bicycle rack fits either front or rear?

The Britch uses the seat and down tube of the bicycle and by connecting the platform section either front or rear connection is possible.

Is a bicycle rack stable if not connected to the axles?

Yes, the frame is designed to stably create a carrier platform and the 5-inch clamp portion creates sufficient stability to hold the load.

Can I use pannier bags with the Britch rack?

Yes, by adding pannier brackets. The pannier brackets are used downward for the rear and upward for the front.

How do I connect a basket to the Britch rack?

The Britch comes with a basket adapter that is connected to the bottom of a basket or a bag. This basket adapter connects with a single click to the Britch.

How can I use the Britch rack as a trailer hitch?

A trailer with a tow arm fit for the Britch connects to the Britch the same way the basket adapter connects with a single click.

Can it be used on a carbon bike frame?


Can I still use my water bottle(s) when the Britch is connected?


How do I guide the brake cables when clamping the Britch?

The brake cables run outside of the clamp. In case a brake cable for the front brake touches the Britch while turning the handlebar guide the cable in between the clamp and downward.

Is it easy uninstall while not using it for a period of time?

The platform section can be removed separately from the clamp section. That makes it really to uninstall while not in use.


What material is used for the dog collars?

Our regular dog collars are made from PET webbing that uses recyclable material to make the webbing. They are softer, yet as strong as regular polyester webbing. We also use non-toxic paint for the printing. Our waterproof collars are made from TPU.

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