DoggyRide Cocoon Pet bicycle basket/carrier

Unique platform supported handlebar free pet bicycle basket and carrier

Why handlebar free?
Bicycle handlebar baskets are not designed to carry pets, but just meant to put a bag or box into it. Imagine to be transported in something that continuously swings left and right.
PS. this applies only to the Britch

Why platform supported?
If the basket is not platform supported the bottom sags which gives a nauseous feeling. So, a sagging basket on the handlebar is a double whammy for nausea.

The cozy Cocoon is your small dog’s new urban retreat. The Cocoon can be attached to the front or rear of your bicycle as a bicycle basket, and once safely positioned on the Britch or rack adapter, your dog can have a front row seat for all of the adventuring that lies ahead. Or, take an afternoon road trip up a winding highway as car seat or even much farther adventure as in cabin airline carrier.

The bicycle connection of the carrier is unique as it platform supported, which is necessary for any pooch over 8 lbs. Also the Britch as a bicycle frame extension does not move with the handlebar, which ensure a stable ride.

Available options:

  • Cocoon pet carrier - no bicycle connection
  • Cocoon with Rack adapter - bicycle basket connects to existing bicycle rack, front or rear
  • Cocoon on Britch - carrier comes with Britch universal front or rear bicycle rack.

The Cocoon comes in a regular and XL version. Generally the L version holds up to 12 lbs and the XL version up to 20 lbs. Here is a fitting guide by breed.

$ 69.00
Tax excl.

Bicycle connection

Product features

  • removable mesh dome and rain cover
  • hard bottom and sides to prevent drooping or sagging, & add safety
  • carrying strap can be used in 5 different ways interior safety leash
  • two side storage pockets
  • padded floor for added comfort
  • easily cleaned, for additional use as a grocery basket
  • ready to use as bicycle basket on DutchDog Britch or rack adapter

Product Specification
Interior dimensions: (L)14 x 10 x 13 in/36 x 25 x 33 cm - (XL)17 x 11 x 16 in/43 x 28 x 41 cm
Maximum Loading Capacity: (L) 12 lbs/5 kgs - (XL) 20 lbs/9 kgs

DoggyRide Cocoon on Britch

Free the handlebar - safe and stable on the Britch

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